Pretending to be Wes Anderson

Last summer, I was lucky enough to collaborate with a whole host of lovely wedding suppliers for a styled shoot. Truth be told, I’d never worked on a styled shoot before, but this particular shoot was themed around the works of film director, Wes Anderson. How could I refuse? As a director and filmmaker myself (dahling), I’ve always tried to soak up visual references from directors that I admire, and few come with as rich a reference palete as Mr Anderson.

The brief for the day from the photographer, Kirsty, (@kirstymckenziephotography) was pretty simple… “Make it cool”. Simple enough, I thought. But as they big day approached, I started to panic. I didn’t want this to be another styled shoot film, with the same old edit techniques. There are a multitude of people who can ‘just film stuff’ in the same way they always do, and edit it in the same way they always edit. I wanted this to have an identity.

So, I did what anyone with mild OCD does. I watched every single one of Wes Anderson’s films over the course of a week. From ‘Bottle Rocket’ (the short film and the feature length film) all the way to The Grand Budapest Hotel’, (Isle of Dogs wasn’t yet out) I watched them all. I even watched the American Express advert he starred in and directed. And whilst this absolutely all might seem superfluous, I wanted to use filmmaking as a tool for creativity, which is what I think separates us from a lot of other companies out there who make wedding films. More on this in another blog post.

So, true to form, in almost each and every film, Wes displayed his tropes - the whip pans, the slow pans, the central framing, the crash zooms, and my personal favourite, props. The use of curtains in front of the camera to introduce scenes in Rushmore and to end the film, inspired the end of this styled shoot, where the awesome @whitecottageweddings, who created all the stationery, signs and prints, were kind enough to create a ‘The End’ board that we used to close the film. The sign was held up by Ami’s husband, Mawwell, both of @loandbeholdspark, who were responsible for the absolutely unreal set design.

Wes Anderson Styled Wedding Shoot Kirsty Mackenzie Photography-276 (1).jpg
Wes Anderson Styled Wedding Shoot Kirsty Mackenzie Photography-321.jpg
Wes Anderson Styled Wedding Shoot Kirsty Mackenzie Photography-79.jpg
Wes Anderson Styled Wedding Shoot Kirsty Mackenzie Photography-15.jpg

I hope that our film in some way pays homage to the great Wes Anderson. The tremendous effort by the entire team, who are listed below, gave me further hope that collaboration really is the key when it comes to creativity… and this styled shoot was creativity in spades!

If your wedding has elements of Wes Anderson - let me know! I’d love to hear all about it! The more unique your day is, the better, because fingers crossed, you’ll only be doing it once!

Check out the film above, or visit some of the talented suppliers below and show them some love!

Venue: The Barn at Avington,