The photography on your site is amazing, who is it by?

You’re right, it’s superb, isn’t it!? It’s all done by our wonderful friend, Jordanna Marston.

How long will you be with us on the day?

We’re there from when you both start getting ready, to about 3 or 4 songs into the party. From experience, that gives us loads of time to capture what we need.

When will we see the film, we can’t wait?!

We can’t wait either! It usually takes about 8 weeks to create the final version of your film. When we’re extremely busy, this might go up to 10 weeks. But please note – we never rush your film – we colour grade every shot, and spend a lot of time making sure each special moment is represented.

I’m a little camera shy…

We know what you’re getting at here. It’s our job to both put you at ease with our presence, as well as to be inconspicuous on the day. Every couple we’ve filmed have said that they’ve forgotten we’re even there.

Can we have Bon Jovi songs as our wedding music?!

We’ve got the relevant licenses to make sure you can have whatever songs you like on your wedding film. From Abba to The Zutons – it’s your call. And yes, you can have Bon Jovi.